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Special Message from Barbara Seidman

Hello, I’m Barbara Seidman, and I want to be your Representative for Georgia's First Congressional District. I currently reside in Waycross, Georgia with my husband and our five year old daughter. I am a former early childhood education teacher, retired truck driver and current boutique owner. As your next elected representative, I am committed to public servitude and equal representation for every resident residing in Georgia's First Congressional District.  

Immediately upon being elected, I will sponsor bills that will strengthen all facets of our district farming industry which includes the growers, the farming equipment dealerships, small trucking transports and the tractor trailers that distribute goods all across our great country. 


As a military spouse and mother, I understand first hand the disparities our veterans have endured after serving our country; and the resources needed to live productive lives. Our district has four military bases within it, our country has one of the largest defense budgets in the world, and none of our military families should have to depend on government subsidies to feed their families. Once in Washington, I will fight hard to make sure military families are paid lifestyle wages, able to obtain quality affordable healthcare, and mental health care that addresses combat inflicted illnesses such as PTSD . 

All Americans should be afforded a lifestyle that is conducive to a quality of life that is often descibed as the American Dream. As your future Congresswoman, I will fight for a lifestyle wage for all. We cannot continue to sit idle while our wealth gap continues to get larger, and hard working Americans labor protections are stripped away. We must also fight for the sustainability of our future generations, we must equip them with quality education, strengthen our special education services, and seek innovative ways of teaching that embraces the new emerging cyber world, that has opened more channels of learning than you could ever imagine. 


Somewhere in our district every year some form of natural disaster either targets us or impacts us, we must take measures to better prepare all of us, not a chosen section for what could happen. I will seek funding that will create programs that will train all on how to prepare before, during, and after any of our districts climate emergencies.  I am Barbara Seidman and  I want to work for all, in order to be the Peoplecrat representative that we all been waiting for.  


Thank you,

Barbara Seidman