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"I understand firsthand the need for quality affordable healthcare. Previously, I was a diabetic, weighed over 600 pounds, was on several different medications, suffered from hypertension, and my heartrate was beating at only 37 beats per minute. Thanks to a changed diet and excellent physicians, I no longer take any medications, my blood pressure is normal, I am diabetes free, and my heart has been consistently beating 67 times per minute."



Military service is a part of my family. My daughter served, my first husband was a disabled Purple Heart Veteran from World War II, now deceased. Being a military family and supporting Veterans is a big part of my life, and I understand what it means to families in our district. There are four military bases in District One, and it is important that our congressional representatives continue to be big supporters of military families. 

Savannah Port

​The issue of port commerce and its growth is crucial to District One. The Trump administration reduced the budget amount by $51 million from the requested $100 million by Georgia Congressman. I support the project and would advocate for full funding to deepen Savannah's harbor, which provides almost 10% of the nation's containerized cargo.


Georgia is a gold mine for tourism. We have many venues that attract thousands of people to District One. I believe in leadership collaboration to increase tourism and to grow the number of days tourists spend in the district. In 2015, tourism employed 158, 500 people, producing 6.7% of Georgia's GDP and providing $1.94 billion of revenue, which is substantial. 


The core issue for the environment is clean water. In Georgia, 78% of the total water used comes from a surface water source, while 22% comes from groundwater. The primary source for public water systems is surface water (70%); primary source for rural users is groundwater (over 90%), according to the Southern Regional Water Program. Drinking water sources are challenged as a result of septic tanks, urban runoff, and agricultural and industrial operations. It is imperative that we protect the quality of drinking water for our residents. I am a strong proponent for protecting the environmental assets of our beautiful region of Georgia. 


The agricultural industry in Georgia and District 1 is substantive. I want to support agri-business and create interest with our youth to join this important industry. We believe there is economic opportunity and job growth for citizens in District One. I support agricultural curriculum in high schools and colleges to provide exposure to young people on the opportunities in agriculture. The agri-business creates jobs and provides the fuel of food for our region.


Everyone in America deserves access to quality affordable healthcare; the underlying issue, then, is who will pay for it? In Georgia, 12% of the population do not have healthcare coverage. I am committed to working across the aisle to create healthcare solutions that work for all Americans. My position is a healthcare system that is similar to Medicare and covers everyone including patients with pre-existing conditions. We can afford huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and I believe we can create healthcare options that  afford quality affordable healthcare for every American.


Transportation is an important aspect for good paying jobs in our district. Many of our citizens have to commute from rural areas to our larger urban centers. With transportation, citizens are better positioned to commute to jobs in metro areas of District One. I am an advocate for rail and public transportation. I support telecommuting as an alternative for rural residents to work from home with extended broadband to the global economy.