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Barbara Seidman has led an incredible life. She was born in extreme poverty, the fourth of ten children, and raised by a devoted, hardworking mother. She overcame odds that any average person would have succumbed to early on in life. Often, her mother, a laborer, would feed her children by bringing home scraps of food from the restaurant in which she toiled doing dishes, cleaning, busing, or any other odd job. Her father abandoned the family. Barbara was repeatedly raped by a neighbor from ages 11 to 13 and had a child as a result of that rape. She went on to have, as she describes, a wholesome and productive life in spite of her abuser.

Despite all of this tribulation, she earned a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Carolina in 1978. Prior to that from 1969-1973, Barbara drove a truck long haul across country as a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Barbara has started several businesses including King’s Beauty & Boutique which sold hair and beauty supplies and also children’s clothing. She also owned and operated King’s Beauty Trucking, owning Peterbuilt and Kenworth semi-trucks. She further owned a popular bar, Barbara’s Hang Out. She currently owns and operates Barbara’s & Sami’s Boutique in Waycross, Georgia. Despite early life challenges, Barbara became an entrepreneur and a business owner.

Barbara has fought to overcome many tribulations coming from extreme poverty.  Through battling diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and an irregular heartbeat, she lost 359 lbs. Barbara is a woman who sees a goal, overcomes hurdles, and achieves success. 


Personal Background

  • Spouse: Marvin

  • 4 Children Rupert, Mary, Steven, Samantha

  • Grandchildren:13

  • Great Granchildren 6

  • Education: Bachelor of Art, Early Childhood Education,  University of South Carolina, 1978

Political Career

  • Candidate, Georgia State House of Representatives, District 176, 2019

  • Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Georgia, District 1, 2018

Other Affiliations

  • Member, Waycross Kiwanis

  • Mentor for Children, Feed the Lambs, 1994-Present

  • Volunteer, Lake County Outreach Food Bank, 2013-2017

  • Community Counselor, Gifford Civic Lragur, 1975-1999

  • Mentoring Children, Vero Beach Jaycees, 1986-1992

  • Lifetime Member of the NAACP